5 movies every professional should watch


Bollywood, which is a usually synonym for musical romance fictions, has produced very few job and startup movies. Here, we have compiled list of Bollywood movies which are inspiring and which gives important corporate lessons for success. 1. Corporate The film revolves around two corporate giants who compete in order to recklessly maximize their respective profits, and is based on […]

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Role of social media during job search

Human is a social animal, we need other humans to build and run human society. In famous Maslow pyramid, social need is just next to physiological needs. As we are becoming more and more digital, physical social contacts are almost ending whereas digital social contacts are on all time high and rising.   Companies like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc have […]

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Should I choose start up or big corporation

Choosing right company is a big dilemma for every job seeker. One wrong move and your career is the road for next 2-3 years. Here in this article we see whether you should go for start-ups or for big corporates while doing job hunting. Start ups Typical day in start-up – Start-ups start late and end late. Day usually start […]

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Most wanted career in future

Students and parents face lot of trouble while choosing career for themselves (or their ward). There are lot of emerging career that are making a big entry into future. Let’s have a look for some of these careers which you can plan for yourself (or for your ward). Healthcare Dietician and personal health consultant – Health concern among individual is […]

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Things to do while in notice period

Sakshi was selected as Branch Operational Manager for a reputed private bank. She served her notice period of 1 month with her present company. After 2-3 weeks and joining new company, she was contacting her previous employer about pending compensation for notice period and month before. She was in dire need of money and has to ask friends for lending […]

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